What do the best investors have in common?

“Ah, he likes bread and butter

Ah, he likes toast and jam

Ah, that’s what his baby feeds him

Ah, he’s her loving man.”

-The Newbeats, 1964

Who does the best in the stock market?

Dead people.

“Fidelity noted an internal performance review on accounts to determine which type of investors received the best returns between 2003 and 2013. The customer account audit revealed that the best investors are dead or inactive.”

What does a 57 year old song about a man with a sensitive stomach have to do with any of this?

Solid picks, the kinds of assets you wouldn’t mind holding on to for half a century, are your bread and butter.

We aren’t sure what Winston the Water Bear likes to eat. Tardigrades typically enjoy algae, lichens, and moss. Winston’s adventures are being chronicled by our enthusiastic community. You are welcome to submit your story about HODLC’s heroic tardigrade for a chance to win 1000 $HODLT.

Back to bread and butter…

It’s ok if you aren’t a fan of either, because we’re being figurative here. You and I know HODLC’s stability-ensuring features put it miles ahead of most cryptocurrencies, but the word itself — however advanced the technology supporting it may be — conjures up images of the mundane.

Sad, but it’s ok. If the receptions we’ve received at our latest AMAs are an indication of public sentiment, we’re inclined to say attitudes are changing. A different crowd is entering the cryptosphere and those who’ve grown up with the tech are looking for something more reliable.

It’s not exactly true that it’s built to stay the same. The opposite, in fact. Temporal Value Increase and Dynamic Value Increase are at the heart of HODLC’s tokenomics, as explained in detail in our white paper.