The Future of Passive Income

Passive income’s appeal will never disappear. The thought is too tantalizing and, for a lucky few, it can become a reality. Success stories are like sweet fruit on a branch just beyond our reach. In a world where we have to work for everything, its allure is understandable.

Establishing an income stream requires an initial investment of time, money, energy, or — on occasion — talent. This may not be practical or possible for us all and, let’s face it, true turnkey operations are as common as leprechauns.

There isn’t a business in the world that manages itself and there isn’t a single industry that completely is safe from unforeseen disruptions.

An income stream should flow for as long as possible — and at a reasonably speedy rate. People have debated the merits of a basic income for years. Whatever your opinions might be, it’s clear that their long-term value is negligible if the currency in question is depreciating.

Composing enough music to build a sustainable passive income is unlikely. The same goes for writing enough popular blogs or making enough videos on YouTube. Chances are, it’s just not likely to happen and, even if it does, there’s a chance it won’t stick. This in and of itself is a drawback, but what’s worse is we don’t know how long it will last. We don’t want sales of our Cotton Candy Jingle, overflowing with sitars and classic Moog synthesizers, to dry up while we’re vacationing in the Alps.

The same goes for the money we earn. The savings vehicles available to us, as we have covered on more than one occasion, have serious drawbacks. Despite its popularity, the vast majority of people still don’t know why Bitcoin is so exciting. A deflationary currency is unique. Its supply is set in stone and no one, not even its creator, can change it.

Trust is the priceless underpinning of a sound store of value. What is more trustworthy than an algorithm running on the blockchain, a masterpiece of engineering that makes immutability possible?

Rules are pointless if they cannot be enforced. Software sticks to them unerringly. This means a currency can be designed not just to maintain its value, but through features like HODLC’s Temporal and Dynamic Value Increase (TVI and DVI), can continue to move steadily upward. Everyone can benefit in a predictable manner. A reliable stream of income is possible for all.

Next generation tokens like HODLCommunity are here to meet the wants and needs of the modern world.

Authored by: Adam Alonzi

Adam is a writer, biotechnologist, documentary maker, futurist, inventor, programmer, fintech specialist and multi awarded and published author. He is a co-owner and operations director at Mass Media Division where his team has been responsible for launches of several top cryptos. Alonzi is also Head of New Media for BioViva Sciences, interdisciplinary analyst for EthicsNet and a reviewer for the Millennium Project.

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