Reimagining Tokenomics with HODLC

Tokenomics is among the most essential features of cryptocurrencies. When the broader economic ecosystem and operative dynamics of a token are well conceived, you have an asset poised for success.

Bitcoin brought a functional cryptocurrency to the world, with scarcity and security. Verily, the farsighted and early adopters have had their reward. Ditto with Ethereum. Smart contracts lured smart investors and progress has been phenomenal.

But the ineluctable march of financial technology (fintech) has not stopped with the advance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other blockchain networks, like EOS, continue to pave the way by subduing issues like scalability and latency that set earlier networks to trepidation.

Still the solution for a viable cryptocurrency asset at this still-nascent stage, immune to the market’s notorious rollercoaster ride, seemed unreasonable. Moreover, one that would steadily and sensibly increase in value with no fear of a downturn—an impossibility. But this apparent impossibility has been made a reality with the advent of HODLC.

Few projects consider how to address price manipulation, loss of value, and ledger limitations. HODLCommunity has not only sought to redress these problems, but has solved them with an idea as radically groundbreaking as the innovations of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

HODLC is the native token. It is a unique asset of the HODLCommunity project. A unique asset is any algorithmic token that is paired with (and whose value is compared with) a stable token (any token tied to the value of another asset, like the dollar or a commodity like gold).

Furthermore, HODLCommunity’s pioneering project has also subsumed its native token under the concept of a meta asset. As a meta asset, HODLC will leverage a legion of underlying value comparators (e.g. EOS/USD, ETH/USD) by virtue of its liberty from any single ledger.

This algorithmic token (HODLC) is like no other. It shares some commonalities with other cryptos, being a store of value, and can be freely bought and sold. However, there are elements that truly make it a hapax legomenon of fintech.

One element is that it is non-transferrable. This is pivotal in obviating the otherwise inevitable price swings brought on by speculators and market manipulators. You can breathe a sigh of relief with a sweatless brow, knowing that the HODLDEX functions in this way. This non-transferability also allows for the ineluctable growth of the asset’s value, given the rules of trade community members must agree upon to participate.

The reason HODLC has achieved the “impossible” and indeed delivers on its stated goal of marching on an unflinching incline to higher and higher valuations is due to the brilliant simplicity of the idea conceived and coded into the smart contract, coupled with the infrastructure of the HODLDEX.

The algorithmic token is directed upward by two primary forces. The first of which is Dynamic Value Increase (DVI). Simply put, this feature increases the buy price and the overall value of the asset by a small percentage by the execution of a single transaction.

The second force for upward mobility is Temporal Value Increase (TVI). As you can probably tell by the name, this results in automatic asset appreciation over a period of time.

This premium asset has 40,000,000 maximum supply. This scarcity will ensure deflationary pressure that works in tandem with DVI and TVI, ensuring that the token will continue to foster greater demand and valuation as time ebbs and flows, and the community grows.

The algorithmic token is not the only one conceived by HODLCommunity as a critical feature of the ecosystem. HODLT, the stablecoin of the project, plays a fundamental role in the tokenomic gestalt.

As a transferable unit of account, HODLT acts as a medium of exchange. The stablecoin of the community is valued at a flat rate of 1 USD. A set amount of HODLT is issued equivalent to the value of HODLC converted.

This stablecoin can be transferred across multiple ledgers. It is possible to reconvert HODLT into HODLC, and the amount will be equivalent to the new valuation of HODLC at the time of conversion. This process maintains the integrity of HODLC and promotes its continuous growth.

The buy/sell feature of the HODLDEX further incentivizes savings and simultaneously attracts investments. When a purchase is made, it is usually at a bargain. The buyer can purchase from a seller who sold their HODLC at a previous price.

Moreover, you can also buy from the reserve, and although this will reflect the current HODLC price, the very act of purchasing will make your investment an immediate gain.

With a well-defined and functional tokenomics HODLCommunity is positioned for the next phase of cryptocurrency, widespread adoption. As a project that revolutionizes the entire financial ecosystem towards a win-win milieu and eliminates the zero-sum game where one must lose for another to win, HODLCommunity not only is transforming fintech but precipitating a paradigm shift in the very understanding of economics.

Authored by John Ryan

John Ryan is an independent writer and an avid enthusiast of blockchain technology. He received his University education at Northern Michigan University, as a history major, where he was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society for academic excellence. While in Michigan, he also trained as an athlete at the United States Olympic Education Center, where he achieved the status of a multiple-time University All-American in Greco-Roman wrestling. He has authored several plays and a collection of poetry. Some of his major areas of interests includes: Finance, Literature, and Religious Studies.
John is available to contact via email at:

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