Predictable Assets are Premium Assets

Predictable finance is based on the concept of using a programmatically-enforced protocol for the value assertion of a particular asset. The asset is then bound to a deflationary curve from which it is possible to calculate value fluctuation over time.

This type of value assertion has many benefits over classical price discovery:

  • Non-volatile
  • Anti-manipulation
  • Deflationary

Classical price discovery mechanics apply well in the context of value that can be asserted using conventional fundamentals such as revenue, client base, technology, capitalization, etc. Predictable finance would not apply in this context.

When it comes to stores of value and mediums of exchange, classical price discovery is subject to intense speculation and becomes vulnerable to price manipulation, market feelings, pumping, and short sales.

This creates dangerous instability across the classical market and which worsens in the less-regulated crypto market.

Predictable finance uses the concept of a decentralized protocol applied to price assertion via a distributed exchange mechanism. It offers participants the ability to preserve, exchange, and capitalize wealth.

The Long List of Benefits

Furthermore, such a network benefits from an exponential network effect. It does not require someone to lose for someone else to gain. While preventing wealth loss and constant variation, it also ensures that all participants contribute to the network’s overall wealth simultaneously. Anytime participants benefit, they will reinforce the whole network enabling more participants, individuals, and organizations to benefit.

The concept of predictability also bring specific benefits to the participants:

  • A new way to capitalize on recurring payments
  • A medium of exchange that appreciates in value
  • No price/value slippage
  • A competitive long-term store of value

Finally, all these unique qualities are a strong case to foster mass adoption by removing the most problematic barrier, volatility.

HODLCommunity intends to demonstrate the inherent value proposition of such a network for personal, commercial, and financial purposes by enabling an ecosystem that will offer a gateway from fiat to HODLC and vice versa, a payment infrastructure, and the backbone for further financial services such as low or negative interest loans, mutual funds, insurance, and credit services.

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