HTrust is DeFi’s Premiere Platform for Personal Finance

What would it be like to hold crypto in your hands?

What if it was as easy as swiping your debit card?

HODLCommunity is doing everything possible to bring the features of traditional finance to crypto. Bringing a seamless experience with a familiar interface is one of HODLC’s top priorities. By pursuing this untrodden path, HODLC is setting itself apart from its competitors. In other words, it is prepared now for when crypto crosses the chasm. It is preparing itself to become a widely accepted means of exchange, welcomed by buyers and merchants alike.

Whereas a bank holds fiat, charges fees, and can make accessing your money difficult, HTrust is a savings infrastructure. HTrust is the HGlobal division that englobes the Banking-as-a-Service features that the ecosystem offers, supporting HExchange and HPay in its payment cycle and solidifying the efficacy of transactions across HGlobal.

It also provides real time support, a feature sorely lacking from crypto platforms. Members can securely communicate with administrators if they need assistance. Whereas a bank may demand you lock in your funds to collect a paltry amount of interest, payments you receive in HODLT immediately begin earning interest — no contracts and no obligations. The tokens are yours, free and clear.

HODLC is more than a savings vehicle. It is part of a broader ecosystem. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an exciting field because of its potential to profoundly disrupt the industry. HGlobal lets members make use of services like lending, payments systems, and more. As a digital ledger, the future options are only limited by our imagination. This is a blessing for people living in countries where banking is difficult or inaccessible. However, like crypto itself, DeFi is not yet a household name. It is still foreboding as the majority of platforms require some degree of technical savvy. HTrust, like the entire HODLCommuntiy ecosystem, is built with the end user in mind.

These services include low interest loans, a HODLC-backed line of credit, and merchant affiliate programs. As the benefits of using cryptocurrency become more widely known, and the impetus for adoption becomes stronger, a platform like HTrust will become increasingly appealing. HPay runs on Android and iPhone, there is no need for a web browser. Moreover, HTrust is being integrated with traditional financial systems — meaning tokens can be swiftly exchanged for fiat when needed.

Whether you want to begin accepting the token at your business or dip your toes into what is destined to become crypto’s premiere platform for personal finance, HClub is here. HClub is composed of 1,000 early adopters. HClub is a way for HODLers to come together in cyberspace and in the physical world. HClub members, as early adopters, reap the rewards of an adventurous spirit.

Someday soon you may be buying a delightful sweater with your HClub card. The cashier, impressed by your being among the first one thousand adopters, may tilt their head in reverence.

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