HODLC and the Anchor Wallet: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven

Anchor is the latest wallet developed for the innovative EOS blockchain network. In this article, we will give you some information on why it is the best wallet for this network. Additionally, we will guide you on how to set it up, as well as how to utilize the HODLDEX, your gateway to stable and fecund cryptocurrency.

The wallet’s home page has an overview of system tokens, tracked tokens, resources, and governance statistics. The wallet section has familiar functions such as the transfer of tokens, exchanges, etc. There is aGovernance tab for participation in the EOS voting system. The tools section is nearly identical to the Greymass Voter wallet.

Although similar to the popular Voter wallet, the display is crisper. An upgraded User Interface (UI) and new features have been added.

Perhaps the most outstanding of these is Greymass fuel. Greymass fuel enables free CPU (5 milliseconds per day) and free NET for each account. Anchor wallet users get free transactions through this feature. A single transaction using Greymass fuel used approximately 13 percent of the daily free CPU, and 4 percent of the daily free NET.

These free transactions (around 5 per day) are built into the wallet, placing this wallet among the best.

Getting started with Anchor is simple. This is true whether you are setting up a new wallet or restoring from a backup file.

You can choose to import your old Anchor wallet or create a new account.

When setting up a new wallet, you can create a password and import accounts one by one using their keys. Once you click to set up a new wallet, you will be able to choose which blockchains you plan on using from an extensive list. If you decide to use a blockchain in the future that you did not select, you will have the option to do so.

Afterwards, select your blockchains.

Once the blockchains are enabled, you can add accounts. All you need to do is select the desired blockchain. If, for example, you were to choose EOS, the wallet will take you to the home page of EOS without any accounts connected.

You will have the option of importing an existing account either by using a private key or a ledger hardware wallet. After importing your account, you will be asked if you would like to integrate Anchor with apps. If you would like to add any more wallets you may go to the manage wallets button.

Now we will discuss how to integrate backup files on Anchor. Backup files can be retrieved not only from an Anchor wallet but also Scatter wallets and EOS Voter.

For the EOS Voter wallet, found in the tools section of the manage wallets page, at the top right is a save backup file button. In the Scatter version 11.01, located in the settings section there is a backup section for the creation of a backup file.

Once you are in possession of your backup file you may click, restore from backup file on your Anchor wallet. Select your backup file and Anchor will seamlessly populate the wallet with your accounts. From here you may upgrade wallet storage and input your password (the same password on the wallet used to create your backup file).

A screen will then appear asking if you will allow Anchor to integrate with apps. Once you have decided whether or not to do so, the process is complete.

Altogether, Anchor can be used with facility, has a great UI, phenomenal features, and is a must have for anyone using the EOS network.

For those who have decided to utilize the advantages of the EOS network and the Anchor wallet, here we encourage you to consider utilizing HODLDEX once you have reached this point. HODLDEX is your way to access HODLC.

But why HODLC? And what makes it so remarkable?

HODLC is a special kind of crypto asset as, unlike most cryptocurrencies, it is immune to the potential of wild fluctuation in value. Although cryptocurrencies gaining enormously is always a welcome circumstance, upward gains and profits are not a guarantee. Painful losses and reversal of markets happen.

With HODLC, this is not the case. This crypto has been algorithmically honed and its platform built to eliminate any possibility of a loss of value. Furthermore, given the system of trade, and its underlying mechanisms, HODLC is fashioned to steadily and consistently increase in value.

Given the excellent attributes of this asset, now let’s get into how to use the HODLDEX so you may participate in trade of this premium asset.

You will be prompted to connect your wallet before making your purchase.

The first thing you will need to do is synchronize your Anchor wallet with HODLDEX. There will be two easy-to-spot options on the page, at the upper right hand corner as well as the center of the page that will give you the ability to connect your wallet.

After you have done this, click on your Anchor wallet and unlock it with your Anchor password. Once you have unlocked your wallet and connected it to the HODLDEX, your wallet balance of EOS and HODLC will appear on the HODLDEX page.

To the left of your balance will be an option prominently placed to either buy or sell. If you would like to buy HODLC, all you have to do is simply click the buy option, type in the amount of EOS you wish to use for the purchase, and click the buy bar underneath.

There are two things that are worthy of noting about this. The first is that before buying you will notice that you will be shown the exact amount of HODLC you will be purchasing. The second and most exciting aspect of your purchase will be that the current HODLC price (which you will see at the top right of the HODLDEX) is not the price you will be purchasing your HODLC for.

In fact, you will be purchasing it for the best price available from an individual who decided to sell at that previous valuation. The significance of this is that the very act of buying HODLC results in an immediate net gain for the value of your assets!

Selling HODLC follows a similarly easy method but the fundamental difference is that your sell price will be the current value of HODLC. By this system, you will not have to ever suffer a loss, or run the risk of selling at a lower price than you originally bought the asset for.

Next, we should discuss your wallet on the HODLDEX. On the left-hand side of the site, you will see a wallet icon placed second from the top. When you click on the wallet icon, your HODLDEX balance of EOS, HODLC, and HODLCommunity stablecoin, HODLT, will be displayed.

Here you may deposit, withdraw, or trade.

To illustrate the process, if you wish to deposit EOS into your HODLDEX wallet, all you have to do is click the deposit bar underneath your EOS balance and type in how much you would like to deposit from your Anchor wallet.

Once you have selected yes to the transfer, your Anchor wallet will pop up to confirm the transaction. Making a withdrawal operates with the same principle and facility.

For HODLC, the options are to trade or to convert HODLC into HODLT. Selecting trade will bring you back to the initial page where you may buy or sell your HODLC.

If you want to convert your HODLC into HODLT, select the corresponding option underneath your HODLC balance. Here, you simply type in the HODLT amount that you would like to have. As HODLT is a stablecoin, the price of this asset corresponds 1:1 with the USD.

Once you have typed the amount of HODLT you would like, directly underneath you will see the amount of HODLC that will be withdrawn from your wallet.

So what is the purpose of exchanging HODLC to HODLT? This is the only way to transfer HODLC from one person to another. Once you transfer HODLT to someone else, they may then convert it back into HODLC. The only caveat is that the HODLT received will be converted to an amount of HODLC that is less than the initial amount used. Why is this? Because HODLC continuously increases in value, and every transaction positively affects the asset.

When you receive HODLT, it is wise to immediately convert it back to HODLC. For this, simply select the approve option underneath your HODLT balance; type in the amount of HODLT you wish to convert and click the yes option. After this, you may click the To HODLC option underneath the amount approved to redeem.

These are the major functions of the HODLDEX yet there are more, one of which is particularly exciting. The calculator, whose icon you may select on the left side of the HODLDEX, gives a highly accurate prediction of the amount of gains you can expect given the amount you choose to invest, the duration that you hold, and the number of daily transactions you assume will take place.

Additionally, there is an Explorer that will give you the information for all transactions in the system for any given period of time!

The last icon to discuss is the option to Join Us, this will allow you access the many social media outlets of the HODLCommunity, where you may get more involved and informed on the project.

Underneath all of the icons, you will find links to the official website of the HODLCommunity, the whitepaper, and terms of use.

These resources will enable you to learn as much as you choose about a cryptocurrency project that is more marvelous than a single article can convey.

Authored by John Ryan

John Ryan is an independent writer and an avid enthusiast of blockchain technology. He received his University education at Northern Michigan University, as a history major, where he was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society for academic excellence. While in Michigan, he also trained as an athlete at the United States Olympic Education Center, where he achieved the status of a multiple-time University All-American in Greco-Roman wrestling. He has authored several plays and a collection of poetry. Some of his major areas of interests includes: Finance, Literature, and Religious Studies.
John is available to contact via email at: arete.aphthiton@gmail.com

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