FinTech has become somewhat of a buzzword recently, but despite the ebullience, some are still unaware of what exactly the term means. Here, we will settle the confusion around it.

FinTech describes any technology that is implemented to improve, augment, or digitize financial services. These emerging technologies that are within the domain of FinTech assist users and institutions in providing more efficient financial services and tools than were previously available.

FinTech has many advantages over traditional finance, not the least being its inclusive nature. Fintech is increasing financial literacy more than at any time in the past. …

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been rapidly evolving since its genesis on the Ethereum platform. The bustling excitement accompanying the birth of DeFi was entirely warranted. Skeptics and scoffers may promptly point out past issues of scalability, transaction fees, etc. and think it a worthy repartee to pierce the supposed hype of the DeFi devotee. Nevertheless, the technological innovations behind DeFi ceaselessly progress, and it remains apparent to the prudent that far from a fashionable curiosity, DeFi is the face of future finance.

What is DeFi?

DeFi describes a variety of decentralized applications, products, and services, typically hosted on a blockchain…

Most of us know the story: King Midas asks a satyr for the golden touch, only to realize — after turning grapes, bread, and his daughter into hunks of metal — that he did not think his wish through.

Like any good myth, it has a few reasonable interpretations and the obvious one may not be the most meaningful. The Midas touch can be a curse. It can destroy us by inciting envy in others or only whetting our appetite for more, making the quest for more all-consuming. More than just a parable about greed, the story is about obsession…

80% of Traders Lose Money — Here’s the Alternative

HODLC makes the headaches that come with speculation, and the abysmal slowness of traditional savings vehicles, a thing of the past.

Our brains are amazing, but they’re not perfect. We may fear an unlikely event like being eaten by a shark or dying in a plane crash, but remain unconcerned about heart disease or a head-on collision with an eight point buck.

You would think that, at least in life and death matters, we’d be better at being objective. But the opposite seems to be the case: the more that’s at…

What would it be like to hold crypto in your hands?

What if it was as easy as swiping your debit card?

HODLCommunity is doing everything possible to bring the features of traditional finance to crypto. Bringing a seamless experience with a familiar interface is one of HODLC’s top priorities. By pursuing this untrodden path, HODLC is setting itself apart from its competitors. In other words, it is prepared now for when crypto crosses the chasm. It is preparing itself to become a widely accepted means of exchange, welcomed by buyers and merchants alike.

Whereas a bank holds fiat, charges…

“Ah, he likes bread and butter

Ah, he likes toast and jam

Ah, that’s what his baby feeds him

Ah, he’s her loving man.”

-The Newbeats, 1964

Who does the best in the stock market?

Dead people.

“Fidelity noted an internal performance review on accounts to determine which type of investors received the best returns between 2003 and 2013. The customer account audit revealed that the best investors are dead or inactive.”

What does a 57 year old song about a man with a sensitive stomach have to do with any of this?

Solid picks, the kinds of assets you…

Passive income’s appeal will never disappear. The thought is too tantalizing and, for a lucky few, it can become a reality. Success stories are like sweet fruit on a branch just beyond our reach. In a world where we have to work for everything, its allure is understandable.

Establishing an income stream requires an initial investment of time, money, energy, or — on occasion — talent. This may not be practical or possible for us all and, let’s face it, true turnkey operations are as common as leprechauns.

There isn’t a business in the world that manages itself and there…

As a history major during my university years, to my shame, I mostly neglected the role of money in shaping the fates of nations. I was perhaps too caught up in the history of ideas, and how big ideas affect our lives.

I failed to see that money too, far from being a crass materialistic necessity of life, is actually one of the most powerful ideas of all time.

The origins of money are forever hidden in the shrouds of prehistory. …

Tokenomics is among the most essential features of cryptocurrencies. When the broader economic ecosystem and operative dynamics of a token are well conceived, you have an asset poised for success.

Bitcoin brought a functional cryptocurrency to the world, with scarcity and security. Verily, the farsighted and early adopters have had their reward. Ditto with Ethereum. Smart contracts lured smart investors and progress has been phenomenal.

But the ineluctable march of financial technology (fintech) has not stopped with the advance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. …

There is probably nothing in the world more desperately desired than certainty. Planning is pointless without data and the right algorithms. With all due respect to Gordon Gecko, it is misleading to call information a commodity, as quality in information and its interpreters varies.

Wall Street has repeatedly reminded us of the fragility of traditional finance. While volatility can be inviting to the adventurous, it is not welcomed by most of us, who are looking for reliable returns, not overnight riches.

We know, now more than ever, that great swathes of information, including accepted wisdom, are wrong by accident or…

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